Play race-style Blackjack, the most skillful winners take all prize!

Enjoy the excitement of competing against other players instead of just playing against the dealer!

  • Large high quality cards and chips
  • Leaderboard to boast your score
  • Four levels of games, including freeroll, offer different settings of entry fee, prize, race chips, min/max bets, and playing hands.
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • Insurance pays 2 to 1
  • Dealer must hit on soft 17 and stand on hard 17
  • Split option available if the first two cards are the same, inclusive of Aces
  • Double down option available if you wish to double your bet after seeing the first two cards
  • Double on any cards and allow double after split
  • Surrender option available if you do not like your first two cards
  • Insurance option available if the dealer's first card is Ace
  • Shuffling after half of the 6-deck cards played

Game Rules

Players will get to compete not only against the dealer, but also against other players to prove that you have what it takes to be a blackjack champion.

At most six players are assigned to each table. Once at least three players have gathered, the game begins. Players are randomly assigned to seats when starting the game. To negate any sort of seating advantage and keep the players on an even field, the dealer starts dealing the cards out to a different player in each hand. That player places bet first in the hand.

Everyone will start with the same amount of race chips. When a player does not act on his hand in turn, his hand will automatically be standed. The player with the most chips at the end is declared the winner and takes all prize away. Two or more players with the same most chips share the prize equally.

Shuffling after half of the 6-deck cards played.

Hand Values and Pays

Winning hands in descending order:

HAND Combinations PAYS
BlackJack An Ace and any 10 value card 3:2
21 Any cards with a total value of 21 1:1
Below 21 Any cards with a total value of less than 21 1:1
Tie Total value equal to the dealer’s hand Return Bet
Bust Any cards with a total value of more than 21 Dealer Wins